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If you have a web-site, you probably know, that it takes a lot of time and skills first to build it, then to attract people. Moreover, your site may be already functioning for some time, but peope still aren't there. What is wrong? The most probable reason is that search engines either don't know about your site, or "don't like it", in other words, you need to optimize it.

Optimization is a proces of fine-tuning the pages of your site so that search engines rate them higher than pages of your rivals, competing for the same search terms. Therer are two ways to do it correctly. The first one is that you hire a search optimization company, pay thousands dollars every year and the company does the rest for you. The second one is that you can easily learn to optimize your site yourself and pay only once. All you need is a professional tool, which will do most of the job for you. Now you have such tool. SEO manager will be able to analyze every page of your site, optimize them for different keywords and different search engines, collect all links from your site for further submission to search engines, create quality pages and upload them directly onto your web-server, analyze current ranking and quotation index of your site and perform many other web-site management functions.



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