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   Reciprocal links manager  


Reciprocal links manager greatly simplifies the task of finding partner web sites that could link to you. Those partner sites mean more targeted and free visitors to your site and they greatly increase your link popularity, resulting in much better search engine rankings for your site.

Until now, finding suitable web sites and asking for reciprocal links was a very time-consuming and expensive task. Reciprocal links manager automatically finds suitable web sites for you, emails the site owners after your approval to ask them for a link to your site and automatically creates link pages for your site.
In addition, Reciprocal links manager scans your directory pages for broken links and checks if the other web sites really link back to you. Good link partners will drive lots of targeted traffic to your site every day. These are prospects that you would never have the chance to sell without your link partner's help.

  1. Increase Google PageRank, Yahoo WebRank and inbounds links
  2. Targeted traffic from all your link partners.
  3. Return traffic because of your link directory. Your site will become a valuable resource with great links.
  4. More search engine traffic because search engines factor in how many sites link to your site (link popularity).
  5. Reciprocal links will help to increase your placement in search engine listings greatly. However, the important thing is the link pointing to your web site and the targeted traffic you get from the link itself.


Reciprocal links manager features:

  • Reciprocal links manager automates most of the previously tedious and time-consuming tasks!
  • Automatically and immediately finds suitable web sites for you
  • Lists web sites that link to your competitors (= possible link partners for you)
  • Includes email client with customizable email templates so that you can contact potential link partners quickly and easily
  • Automatically creates link pages that are fully customizable so that they match your web site design
  • Built-in web browser lets you quickly preview potential link partner sites
  • Easy categorization of all partner web sites with customizable categories and sub categories
  • Automatically checks outgoing links on your link directory pages
  • Automatically checks if your partner web sites still link to you
  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • Supports HTTP proxy, SOCKS proxy and SMTP authentication
  • Connects to the Internet such as real web browser
  • Is search-engine-friendly and causes as little traffic as possible
  • Comprehensive documentation and online support
  • Free updates!
  • Free e-mail support!

As a registered customer, you are entitled to:

  • Free updates that will be released within 1 year from the date of purchase;
  • Information on updates and new products;
  • Free technical support. Technical Support for all products provided by e-mail.

For more information about Reciprocal links manager, contact support@promotion-soft.com.

Why Reciprocal links manager

Get free targeted traffic from new and return visitors to your web site
Increase your link popularity so that your web site will be ranked higher on many search engines
Save hours of manually searching the web for suitable partner web sites, contacting them and creating link pages
Create customized web pages that perfectly fit the layout of your web site
Create a customizable link directory that you can offer your visitors as valuable content
Get more visitors, get more customers, get more sales


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