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   Link Popularity Analyzer  

  The number of web pages linking to your site is considered an important factor by many search engines to achieve a high ranking. Fact is, that well targeted links from other sites that also includes your most important keywords in the link text, is by far the most important factor in search engine optimization today.

One should also note that links pointing to your site is valuable for more than just higher search engine rankings. Well placed links can also be a great way to get consistent and targeted traffic.

Use this free tool to check the number of web pages linking to your site. You can also use it to find out how many links your competitors have and who's linking to them. Some of the websites that are linking to your competitors could also be linking to you, if you let them know you exists.

Why do you need to know your link popularity?
Link popularity score is a figure that shows how many pages link to each page on your site. You wouldn't need to know it, but that major search engines use it extensively in their algorithms to assign Web pages high rankings.
The reasoning behind link popularity is simple: the more popular your website with other websites, the higher it will rank on popular search keywords.
Daily webmasters and novice SEOs(search engine optimizers) ask us why their pages are poorly ranked though they have followed advice provided by Link Popularity Analyzer. Too often we see well-optimized pages lacking in link popularity and it becomes obvious at once they will not rank high on good keywords because their link popularity score is too low.
Link Popularity Analyzer is essential for developing and maintaining your link popularity.

Link Popularity Analyzer features:

  • Supports external encrypted Link Popularity Analyzer databases.
  • Contains big database, frequent (and free of charge) updates.
  • Support Google, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma, Yandex and other main search engines.
  • Program requires HTTP and HTTPS connections. Direct internet connection or connnection through a proxy server are required.

As a registered customer, you are entitled to:

  • Free updates that will be released within 1 year from the date of purchase;
  • Information on updates and new products;
  • Free technical support. Technical Support for all products provided by e-mail.

For more information about Link Popularity Analyzer, contact support@promotion-soft.com.

Why Link Popularity Analyzer

Know how many websites link to you
You can instantly find out how many websites link to any page on your site. Link Popularity Analyzer obtains it by examining link popularity of your site and its pages with the most popular search engines:
And more

This is just the first step. The next one would be to find out link popularity of your competition.
Know how many websites link to your competition. It is always good to know how your site stacks against competition. After all nowadays your competition may outrank you because they have a better link popularity score. With Link Popularity Analyzer you can get the report on your competition in just minutes. Know who links to your website. One cannot overestimate the importance of knowing how many websites link to your site, yet it is far more important to know who links to your site and its pages . The advanced analysis will help you find resources where your site, product or service are being discussed :
discussion lists
So, you will stay in the know what different resources, communities and groups think of you. As well you will be able to find sites bad-mouthing you and request the removal of slanderous materials and links.


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