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   Directory submission (semi-automatically)  

Submitting to directories (semi-automatically) Web Site directories such as Yahoo and ODP are different from search engines in that they have editors who review web site submissions before deciding if the site is suitable for inclusion and under which category. Directory placements tend to be stable, long lasting and give a boost to the position of a site on some other search engines. A directory listing is very valuable but care must be taken as once in a directory such as Yahoo it is very difficult to get the listing changed. You only get one shot so make sure everything is right before submitting.

Before submitting it is important to research a number of aspects so that everything is correct for the actual submission. Check:

Which category are similar sites listed under, is it suitable for your web site, is it the category which appears when you do a search for your main keywords.
the style of the descriptions in your chosen category so that you can tailor your submission to suit the individual category editor. The submission guidelines to ensure you understand how the categories are defined and what the directory is looking for in successful submissions. That you have all the information needed to make a submission. Details such as address and the technology used to create the site may be necessary.

Directory editors are generally looking for certain things in a site to be considered for inclusion. Ensure that the following areas have been considered before submission.
'Under Construction' or broken links on the site will result in rejection. Always check the site is working correctly.
Lots of unique content helps but if the site is part of an affiliate network or contains too many advertising banners it is less likely to be successful.
Site should be quick loading with a strong design. Weak design will hamper a site, you should try to distinguish your site amongst others in the category.
The title of the site should be the business name. The description should be short and to the point without marketing hype but including as many keywords as possible.

Once these areas have been considered, the actual submission should follow the directory guidelines to the letter. Any variance is likely to result in rejection. Bear in mind that directory editors have to review hundreds of sites each day and may reject your submission for the smallest reason. Get it right first time, if you still find your site is not listed after 4-5 weeks resubmit it.




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